'Survivor: Redemption Island': Krista Klumpp, Stephanie Valencia are on the ropes


When we last left our castaways, Russell Hantz had been voted off "Survivor" for the first time ever. Who will go home tonight?Redemption IslandKristina joins Matt at Redemption. Krista and Stephanie draw the tiles at Zap to go to RI and they are ready to tell the other tribe that they want to flip at the merge. Rob and Grant are on hand from Ome. The challenge is a race for puzzle pieces, then puzzle assembly.Matt and Kris are head to head and Matt starts talking smack to Rob about there was no reason to vote him out. Meanwhile, Kristina is struggling physically and then Matt wins. Stephanie and Krista then just blatantly pimp themselves out to Rob and Grant as flippers. It's kinda gross. Can you be less like, ya know, prostitutes about it? "Yellow might look good on me." Hmm. OmetepeWhile Grant and Rob are gone, Andrea is frustrated with Natalie and Ashley (who...



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