'Criminal Minds': Prentiss' exit

Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss exited Criminal Minds on Wednesday night, in an episode that made me feel sorry for Prentiss but kinda relieved for Brewster’s creative life.

The episode titled "Lauren" followed up on Prentiss’ relationship with Timothy V. Murphy’s Ian Doyle, the IRA member with whom she has had an undercover past. There were flashbacks, scenes of florid violence (when was the last time you saw someone other than a vampire impaled by a wooden stake?), and numerous close-ups of Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia doing what the rest of the cast of Minds is mostly forbidden to do — that is, show emotion. The hour was efficiently directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, a.k.a. Spencer Reid. A.J. Cook, who had left Minds late last year, returned as JJ. Read More...



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