Recap: 'Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'We Hate Our Tribe'

We are family. Even all the people we hate. Everything is going swimmingly for Team Formerly Russell. They're just out in the water fishing and being a happy clan. Steve is confident that he has a solid six-person alliance and he's even prepared to be nice to Stephanie and Krista. Steve looks like the former NFL player he is, sounds like a bit of a stoner, but he's not stupid and he's planning for a merge and he doesn't want Stephanie and Krista bolting immediately. Tree-mail says that it's time to pick people to go to the Duel. Team Formerly Russell has some ridiculous system that leads to Stephanie and Krista heading to Redemption Island together. Julie doesn't care, calling the two girls pawns. But little does Julie know that Stephanie and Krista are hoping to use this as an opportunity to let Rob know that they're now a harem without a sultan and they'd "cause havoc" with him any day. Kinky. And conveniently, Team Rob sent Rob and Bodyguard Grant. Will Stephanie bat her eyelashes at Rob in Morse Code? Read More...


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