Survivor: Redemption Island 22.05 "We Hate Our Tribe" Recap

As rain pounds on Night 11, Ometepe returns to camp after Tribal Council.  Phillip expected the way the vote turned out.  Rob is running the show and Phillip knows he is the odd man out.  The next morning, Rob says Phillip is bothering everyone.  "He's completely off his rocker," Rob notes.  Then again, as long as Phillip is aggravating everyone else, it takes any heat off of Rob, so maybe Phillip needs to stay.

The next morning at Zapatera, Steve says that the spirits of the tribe are high as long as they are excelling at Challenges.  He says his alliance of six is rock solid, so maybe they should try to bring Stephanie and Krista into the fold to make sure they don't flip at The Merge.  After the drawing of lots, Stephanie and Krista are set to go to Redemption Island Arena.  Julie confesses that she doesn't think the girls are a threat anymore with Russell gone.  On their way to the Arena, Stephanie and Krista decide to tell the other tribe they are ready to flip. Read More...


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