'Top Chef' recap: Ready To Conch

Things unfolded last night, as always, with the chefs sitting in shock over the most recent elimination. I don’t remember if they mourned when Stephen the wine guy got eliminated, but if they did, it calls this ritual into question. Tiffany wiped some tears. Blais sat silently with his facial hair. Antonia displayed major self-doubt. Mike, unfortunately, sounded confident. Soon a camera lingered on the title plaque at THE COVE ATLANTIS, where we should all definitely stay next time we’re in the Bahamas.

Morning dawned, as it does every day at THE COVE ATLANTIS (bonus: The sun sinks every night). Blais wandered into Mike’s bedroom looking like an extra from an Avril Lavigne video. Did he always dress like this during off hours? I would have had a crush on him in ninth grade, I’ll give him that. But Blais! Don’t slip away! As he left the apartment, he muttered dejectedly that today’s challenge would probably involve too little time and/or equipment. It was a totally reasonable thing to say. So why did it sound like a conspiracy theory the way he said it? Because he might be going crazy, that’s why. Read More...



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