'Survivor' Recap: Two Dead Ducks Waiting for a Gunshot

Now that supervillain Russell Hantz is gone, life on Survivor: Redemption Islandhas gotten a lot harder for his two ladies. Krista and Stephanie teamed up with Russell right away, but without him, they're just two sitting ducks. If they make it to the merge, they vow to switch sides and join Ometepe. But that's a big if. 

The Duel

After winning his first two duels, Bible boy Matt Elrod defeats Kristina to remain victorious on Redemption Island. This guy is a force of nature, but if he keeps winning every single duel and eventually comes back into the game, whoever's left would be completely foolish not to vote him out right away, because he's proving that he is a threat to win every single competition you put in front of him.

After Matt's victory, Russell's acolytes, Krista and Stephanie, confess to their rivals that they hate their own tribe and will be willing to jump ship at the merge. The rest of Zapatera might want to consider throwing two more immunity challenges to cut that traitorous deadweight. Read More...



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