AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Francesco Carrozzini” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL "Francesco Carrozzini" Cycle 16 Episode 4 – The opening credits of America’s Next Top Model (or is it now booty shaker?) is the absolute best opening credits for any comedy ever.

The girls are jealous of Alexandria, who won best photo last week, and they show that they hate her snarky attitude by bitching about her into the camera. Meanwhile OC girl Alexandria questions Sarah’s devotion to modelling when Sarah makes it clear that if the Tyra train to Vogue doesn’t work out for her, she’s going to have to pursue a college career.

I miss Cycle Nine’s Jade. She could show these petty people how to bitch properly.

Geoffrey Mac designed a red bikini for Lady Gaga, and he is going to send the models on a catwalk-a catwalk that happens to be on fire and shooting fire. Read More...


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