Paget Brewster Says Au Revoir to Criminal Minds; What Do You Think of Her Exit?

After an ominous month-long arc, Paget Brewsterleft Criminal Minds, as Prentiss finally confronted IRA nemesis Ian Doyle in an episode filled with suspense, emotion, torture and twists. And it also answered the question everyone had on their mind: Will Prentiss die?

The answer: no.

Following a violent showdown with Doyle (Timothy V. Murphy), Prentiss — who we learned staged the death of Doyle's son years ago to get him to break during interrogation — gets impaled in the torso by the former IRA member. "Let me go," she tells Morgan (Shemar Moore). JJ — A.J. Cook in a nice, but underused, reprise — tells the team at the hospital that Prentiss never made it off the table. But only she and Hotch know the truth: Prentiss survived, and she says au revoir to the BAU when JJ slips her new IDs and money in the Paris-set closing scene. (Sidenote: After last summer's cast shakeup, how awesome was it that the two women who were dropped by CBS were in the last scene?) Read More...


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