Review: Sky's The Limit With Foul Play When 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Is On Your Side

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an ensemble cast that actually worked well together. Throwing around big names and casting them in a film might seem easy on paper, but the question always remains as to who are those tough enough to bite-the-bait and stand firm on screen? I mean, think about it, the last time [ I ] think [ I ] visually came across an ensemble cast that worked well together had to be in ‘THE DEPARTED’ (2006). Remember that flick? Remember the power-houses running around throughout the story? Damn! If there’s been another, please jot it down in the comment box, otherwise, on my end, ‘THE DEPARTED’ stands on its own movie-based pedestal when displaying a well produced film with pretty much all of Hollywood’s MEAT! And, well, perhaps some might be saying to themselves "Well, we had ‘THE EXPENDABLES’ last year (2010) and that movie has a huge cast." Truth be told, yes, the film has a cast of MEAT, but I say this to all you who are sitting there thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about… In Hollywood you have movie stars and you have actors! A movie star is someone who looks good on camera, has an "it factor" and will guarantee an audience (Cast of ‘THE EXPENDABLES’), versus actors who can actually act and hijack our attention-span for a bit, while taking us (a/k/a you) into their world, story and character existence (Cast of ‘THE DEPARTED’). Hit up both flicks and analyze what I’ve just typed! Read More...


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