AHHHH-Merlin Epic Fail

What could have been a great episode was ruined by... Merlin himself!

Why does Merlin think he can solve everything through lies? Why does he keep saving Uther? Every person executed by Uther for using magic- their blood is on Merlin's hands.

How does his unflinching loyalty to Arthur not include a base level of honesty? About his mother no less? Maybe he should stop treating "the other side of his coin" like a child who can't handle the truth.

They should stick to more lighthearted fare- like the troll episodes. They were funny and not enraging. I really don't get where the writers are going with this- their main character lies whenever it's convenient and lets people die simply because they are different. He continues to protect a bigoted hypocritical dictator-for what?


Nov 14, 2009 10:57PM EST

I should note that other than the last 5 min-when Merlin intervened, this was definitely one of the best episodes in the entire show. A good balance of character development, action, humor and drama. It is such a shame they through that all away at the end.

Nov 15, 2009 8:16PM EST

Although I do admit it would've been a lot better for everyone if Uther died, Merlin wasn't trying to save him, he did what he did to save Arthur's soul, keep him a good person, because no matter what Uther is his dad and killing him would have crushed Arthur. Not to mention the outcome of it all wasn't convenient at all for Merlin. He basically made sure Arthur won't accept him for who he is and magic as a good thing for a very long time. The way I see it, it was more self-sacrificing than anything else.

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Nov 15, 2009 8:19PM EST

If Arthur killed his father, he would carry that guilt with him, and it would change him. Merlin said that to protect Arthur, not Uther. Plus, Morganne was pretty upset that Uther was still alive...

Nov 15, 2009 9:44PM EST

Ok, true, it wouldn't have been good for Arthur to kill his father, but Merlin could have tried a different approach in calming the prince down.(as in saying: no matter what he might have done, he's still your father- sorta deal) Or he could have told him the truth afterwords, once Arthur had some time to think about what would have happened had he gone through with it. Or he could have magicked away the sword.

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Nov 16, 2009 9:21AM EST

If he magicked away the sword - everything else would have been forgotten and he could have died an not "fulfilled his destiny" and all that jazz.Secondly even knowing the truth would have destroyed a small part of Arthur's soul. I agree with andreitza23 it was quite self sacrificing. Also we don't know the full story yet. And Arthur has much more yet to learn. I don't think he could handle something like that yet.

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Nov 21, 2009 8:07PM EST

Arthur's "soul" was in no danger by trying to kill his father. Uther is a butcher plain and simple. He's always going on about how "Those who use magic are plotting against us" or "Those who use magic seek to undermine my authority" and on and on and so forth. Its funny that most of the attempts on his life and the fate of his kingdom were completely void of magical influence. He is in no position to deny these people a place in the world just because he's jealous that he sucks at magic. Honestly, if he could shoot fireballs from his eyes I'm sure he'd use it and still persecute magic-users.
Merlin on the other hand is the bane of his own existence. In my opinion he should probably worry less about how Arthur would feel if he let Uther die on one of the many occasions were it possible and instead, think of all the good people (including himself) he would be saving from Uther's intolerance crusade. If Merlin even dared to save Uther's life by barging in and magicking that sword out of Arthur's hand; Uther would have him executed on the spot. Uther hasn't a soul worthy of mourning.
Father or no father Uther must hang.
Merlin- "Killing your him won't bring your mother back!"
Arthur- "No, but it would make this show a whole lot better!"

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Nov 21, 2009 9:28PM EST

If Uther died, Arthur would be king, and he isn't ready for that yet. Arthur needs more development before he steps into that role. There is a time for everything, and now is not the time for King Arthur.

Nov 22, 2009 2:26AM EST

In all of the Merlin iterations I've come across, Uther was a minor character who died very early- I think this character has overstayed its welcome.

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Nov 22, 2009 6:52PM EST

Agreed. There are many versions of the Arthurian legend. For instance, Uther dies in battle or Arthur knocks him off the throne when he finds out his father raped his mother to gain an heir; his mother who was already married to another king in a neighboring province (Excalibur, good movie). A rapist and an adulterer!
Question: why does Merlin bother going to that dragon in the dungeon for moral stroking when that dragon wants Uther dead as much as the new chic?!
So lets see, Lancelot came and went without leaving his mark on Camelot what-so-ever. Excalibur was forged by the dragon and used by Uther and not Arthur to whom it was intended, then it was chucked in the lake for no reason by Merlin, naturally. Nimue, who is supposed to be Merlin's love, dies at the end of the first season. Morgana is a good guy for some reason. Gwenevier is a servant girl? Uther will never be succeeded by Arthur because goody goody Merlin simply won't allow it. The dragon's wisdom will never be heeded by Merlin who seems to always want his help only to ignore it in the end.
Its clear that this program is about Merlin using his powers to protect Arthur from himself while keeping it a secret from Uther the fearmonger, Gwen will be a servant to Morgana forever, Gaius will keep making potions, the dragon is never leaving the basement, excalibur won't be in Arthur's hands anytime soon, and whatever Morgause has planned for Arthur won't have any effect on any of the above.

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