Limitless - Review

Limitless, Bradley Cooper, ... | DICEY RELATIONSHIP Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper in Limitless

Not being the biggest fan of The Hangover, I had doubts as to whether Bradley Cooper, with his leer of frat-house entitlement, could ever be more than a lightweight leading man. But inLimitless, a potently fanciful and fun thriller about a drug that turns you into a genius, Cooper proves a cock-of-the-walk movie star. He plays Eddie, a scraggly aspiring novelist who gets hold of an untested pharmaceutical pill called NZT that invites its user to turn on his brain — i.e., to activate the fabled other 80 percent of mental agility that (according to neuroscience) none of us use. Popping the pill, Eddie feels like he's jacked up on cocaine or speed, but it's really his synapses crackling with all the stored memories and connections that are usually kept unconscious. Suddenly he can talk about anything, and Cooper, his blue eyes lit up like lasers, his words twitchy with eager command, rules everyone he sees: a landlord's pesky wife, a crew of Eurotrash revelers, the players of Wall Street. Read More...,,20474057,00.html


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