'Community' Season 2, Episode 18 Recap

Lower your standards -- it is the Greendale motto, afterall -- because this might not be the greatest, most epic 'Community' episode ever. But let's face it people: It was so necessary.

First, a multicultural (and simultaneously racist) baby shower reminds us all that Shirley is indeed pregnant and having the baby, even if we don't know who the daddy is. But yay to the news that we will know for sure this season!

For the kid's sake, can we all please keep hoping it's Andre's? I mean, the Chang being insane thing is funny -- to a point -- but this week also served as a big fat reminder that he's truly mentally unfit for so many things, child-rearing being high on that list.

Plus, much like Yvette Nicole Brown (who was so long overdue for a big episode and some sassy Shirley time), I too want to see more of Theo, I mean Malcolm-Jamal Warner, on the show. Andre is redeeming himself from the cheating/deadbeat dad rap, one dimpled smile at a time. Read More...



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