'Parks and Rec': Rich 'Harvest'

If one episode can sum up why a series is first-rate, Thursday night’s "Harvest Festival" was the one forParks and Recreation. Which is odd, in a way, because it was an atypical half-hour, taking place primarily outside of the Parks and Rec office where much of the show’s comedic drama usually occurs.

The season had been building to this episode, of course. The Harvest Festival as a fund-raiser to help solve some of Pawnee’s fiscal problems has been Leslie Knope’s challenge and crusade. For the purposes of the show, it’s enabled us to see new sides of Adam Scott’s Ben — his inability to shill for the festival was a terrific notion, turning on the fine comic premise of revealing a handsome, "normal" guy to be an insecure neurotic who’s never gotten over an old trauma (that "teen mayor" thing is going to haunt him until he dies, isn’t it?). Read More...



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