Arthur falls in love with a mysterious new girl...again (210)

For what seems like the hundredth time, Arthur falls for the new princess in town. This leads to him getting involved in a duel with her father, where(shocker) he ends up prevailing and sparing his vanquished foe. Arthur and Gwen's relationship... well it meanders.

This episode seems like complete filler. Arthur is the victim of magical schemes, which target his heart no less! I mean- didn't this just happen to his father a couple episodes ago? Wasn't Arthur himself enchanted by a sorceress last season?

What is really bothersome is that there were no awww arthur/merlin moments(even though there were plenty of opportunities) In fact, Merlin didn't do much of anything. For an episode with the typically hilarious Bradley James under a love spell, this should have been more comical and lighthearted, not simply another go through the motions.

Another note, I am really puzzled by the writers choices with Uther. I mean he is supposedly Mr. I hate magic, (except when I need an heir) and is continuously paranoid about magical mischief in his kingdom... but in this episode watches a jester breathing fire and summoning butterflies and simply APPLAUDS? This is only an episode after he was called out by his son for being a hypocrite on these matters. Is he just that dumb? Why wouldn't he suspect magic with his son's sudden puppy love, when he suspects it every other episode?


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