'Parks and Recreation': Well done, Leslie. Well done

"Harvest Festival" is just a fabulous episode of "Parks and Recreation," but even if it were only otherwise pedestrian, Ron's reaction to Li'l Sebastian in the opening minute of the show would have made it worthwhile.I've seen the full episode three times now, and watched the opening scene above at least three more times, because Ron Freakin' Swanson laughing like a 9-year-old girl and clasping his hands together like a member of the Lollipop Guild is a comic gift that does not stop giving. The show had much more than that to recommend it, though.From the Pawnee media's glee at and overreaction to hearing about the "curse" to Ann's post-breakup acting out to Jerry in the corn maze, "Harvest Festival" (the first episode filmed this fall, after the Amy Poehler-pregnancy run of six shot last spring) put a great cap on the first portion of the season. A few key moments from the episode: Ben...



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