'Fairly Legal' 1.09 'My Best Friend's Prenup' Review

I've heard it said that you can learn a lot about someone from their friends. Well, this week we meet one of Kate's friends, Julie (Brittany Ishibashi), who's about to get married. Lauren is working on the prenuptual agreement with Julie's father Joseph (Clyde Kusatsu), who's more concerned with protecting his family business from Julie's husband-to-be Eric (David Alpay) than his daughter's happiness. Yes, you've pretty much heard this story before.

The show tries to throw a wrench in there by revealing that Eric's supposedly dead mother isn't really dead, but it doesn't really work when the rest of the episode is boilerplate. After said secret is revealed, Julie promptly freaks out, and at one point calls off the wedding. Check. Kate does something to accidentally cause trouble (this week it's punching Joseph). Check. Lauren has somebody angry at her for something she didn't do. Check. Leonardo plays into a nerd stereotype (this time it's over his love of figurines). Check. Dad eventually comes to his senses and everyone lives happily ever after. Check. Read More...



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