'Archer' 2.08 'Stage Two' Review

It's a dark and stormy day in...wherever ISIS is...and Malory Archer is particularly cranky. Her recent mammogram found something and she wants everyone else to share her pain, without saying why she's so irritable. Of course, once Pam finds out, everyone else knows within seconds. Archer promptly faints. (At least he didn't throw up.)

While Malory's test results come back clean, Sterling's so freaked out about his mom's diagnosis that he goes to see a doctor, who asks him about alcoholism (which he denies while drinking) and exposure to radiation (which involves a nuclear warhead, one plutonium rod, and the nurse whose name he can't remember that he slept with in the X-ray room). It's unsurprising after all that, then, that the doctor finds a mass and declares it stage two breast cancer. You knew that with all the things (and people) that Archer gets into, he had to catch something sometime. I'm just surprised that it's not an STD.

He breaks the news of his diagnosis to his colleagues, and Lana is shocked by his positive attitude and suddenly rearranged priorities. Archer decides he wants to voluntarily spend time with Seamus, and gets the two of them tattoos of each other's names, much to Trinnette's disgust.  From there, his behaviors only get weirder: he decides to take Woodhouse's Vegas vacation for him, getting arrested under Cyril's name (meaning that Cyril gets extradited and beaten up in jail), and when he returns, he gets gifts for his coworkers, drunkenly blubbers to his mom, and uses his diagnosis to manipulate Lana into spending the night with him. Read More...



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