PRIVATE PRACTICE “Love and Lies” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "Love and Lies" Season 4 Episode 16 – In this episode Addison winds up with a patient who wants to harvest the eggs of her unborn baby (the baby who will die shortly after birth) so that she can basically give birth to her own grandchild. It’s another one of those terrible decision cases and again, I found it hard to land squarely on one side or another. Coop had some great points but I also didn’t quite understand how different it was from someone getting into an accident and doctors harvesting organs from the dying person.

As for the whole Sam and Naomi thing, it just plain pissed me off. I wish he would stop running back to her whenever he felt like it and basically ignoring the fact that he’s in another relationship now. Frankly I’m happy to see Naomi go, not just because of the Sam thing but also because of how she’s been treating Addison. Read More...


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