FAIRLY LEGAL “My Best Friend’s Prenup” Review

FAIRLY LEGAL "My Best Friend’s Prenup" Season 1 Episode 9 – With a little help from Leo, Kate delves into the info she got from David and finds out a few things about her father I’m thinking she wishes she’d never seen. Things like the fact that her dad started his company by lying and taking money that wasn’t his and letting another man go down for it. You know, little stuff like that.

Meanwhile, she’s caught in the middle of another father and daughter battle when she mediates the prenup between her best friend Julie, Julie’s fiancé and Julie’s dad. Everyone is happy until Julie’s dad demands his son-in-law to be have no part of the family business, which upsets Julie, and Eric admits that the mother he claimed was dead is actually alive, which upsets Julie more. Kate of course handles it all beautifully and the wedding goes on as planned, ending with a lovely impromptu dance between her and Justin. Which was beautiful and sweet until he decided it was a "bad idea" and walked away. Read More...



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