Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #22 - Review

Now with Archibald Grims out of the way, maybe we can start to see other villains turned into ashes or bloody pulps. But first, we need to have a flashback to The School, where we see the happy family dynamic between Big Sister Ouka and Latooni, Seolla, and Arado. Arado, in voiceover, notes that he remembers those days, and hopes that Ouka will remember too. In the present, Dr. Cero wants to save Ouka, but she fires upon him on the ledge. He is rescued by Arado, but the only way to save Ouka might be a terrible gamble: Cero has to be put into the cockpit of her machine, where he can attempt to restore her lost memories and release her from the GEIM System's control. Thanks to Shine's predictive abilities, and some teamwork between Latooni, Arado and Seolla, they manage to get close to Ouka and get Cero in. He has carried with him a complete backup of all of Ouka's data, which includes her memories. He now restores them to her. Setme can only watch in rage as Cero undoes Setme's plan to destroy the School siblings. Read More...


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