Beelzebub Episode #09 - Review

With the introduction of Aoi and her bad ass group of girls, things have now taken an amusing turn as she's finding herself falling for Oga to some degree and even contemplating how to make things work with him and his having a baby. She wants to do things in the right order, but as her friends start to realize, she's pretty smitten. Of course, if she ends up with a boyfriend, that means she's out of the gang according to 'tradition' but she's pretty lost at this point to begin with so she doesn't even hear that. Of course, all Oga is trying to figure out is how to ditch Beel onto her, but he keeps getting tripped up by Hilda and Beel with things, especially when he finds out he forgot to bring the milk with him for Beel and she shows up at school to cause a bit of chaos. Read More...


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