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Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Stowaway'

I believe in self-determination. I feel like I have to get that out of the way before delving into tonight’s episode of “Fringe,” since it dealt so very much in the roles of fate and free will in determining the course of one’s life. (Or, in the case of this show, the course of an entire universe.) There are those that think things are supposed to happen in exactly one way, with us moving inexorably towards that singular destination without any hope of avoiding it. Under this configuration (expressed by Bellivia* tonight), trying to avoid what you know is to come only accelerates your progress towards that inevitability.

* I’m going with Bellivia as the moniker for the Anna Torv-as-Leonard Nimoy hybrid thanks to popular vote on Twitter. I had no real horse in this naming race, and let the power of the people decide. Moving on… 

But there’s another way to switch around the seeming inevitably of certain end results to put the onus back into the realm of choice, a word heavy on the lips of Peter Bishop at the current moment. In the world of “Fringe,” you can look at every event in the show’s history as essentially ink filling up the page of the always-and-ever-written Doomsday Device schematics. Or, you can look at the choices made along the way at each point in history, and come to the conclusion that the present situation is simply the single sum total of all of those choices. Anything IS possible, but there is still only one concrete reality (per universe). In this configuration, human choice does exist, and serves to reduce an infinite amount of possible scenarios down to a single one created as a byproduct of all those choices. Read More...


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