Will Jake Die on 'General Hospital'? His TV Dad, Lucky, Weighs In ...

'General Hospital' fans who found the show's fatal bus crash a little anti-climatic earlier this year (none of the regulars died in it) are about to learn that they should be careful what they wish for.
Lucky and Elizabath's son, Jake (the biological child of Jason and Elizabeth), is hovering between life and death after being hit by a car, and the prognosis isn't good.

If Jake perishes, the ramifications promise to domino throughout the lives of several characters. Losing their biological child may nail the lid shut on any kind of reunion between Jason and Liz. Jake's final gift could be to provide a kidney or two to baby Josslyn, Jax and Carly's daughter, who's also been admitted to General Hospital.

This crisis could also lead to a reconciliaton between Lucky and Elizabeth -- especially if it comes out that Liz's son, Aiden (whom many believe to be fathered by Lucky's half-brother Nikolas), is actually Lucky's son.
This painful ordeal harkens back to a similar 'GH' storyline in the '90s when little B.J. was declared brain dead after a bus accident and her heart was transplanted into her cousin Maxie.
Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) weighs in on the impending tragedy and what it means for everyone involved ...



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