'The Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Camping Gone Crazy

Gary Busey has his own language. I'm not referring to his constant stream of crazy talk. I'm talking about his own entire language! And in Busey speak, every word is merely an acronym for its own definition. For instance, you may have thought the word "lucky" meant occurring by chance. But you would be sadly mistaken, you unenlightened piece of illiterate trash! You see, you are now reading from the book of Busey. You must unlearn what you have learned. Lucky actually means "Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly." A duhhhhhhhhhh! And "freedom"? You probably assumed that meant the power to act or speak without restraints. Wrong! Freedom is "Facing Real Exciting Energy Developing Out Miracles." It's simple Busey 101, people. Get with the program! Or should I say get with the "team", because "Together Everyone Achieves More." Read More...



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