'The Amazing Race' recap: Build a Better Dinosaur

"There's like some kind of screws loose up here in our minds," said Vyxsin, and who are we to argue? Team Mascara had one of the worst legs in Amazing Race history last week. Things had to improve at least a little bit for the Dating Goths, and sure enough, they got doubly lucky at the start of last night's episode. First, their lost fanny pack was sitting pretty in the Gondola Lost & Found. Second, the other teams were instructed to hop a train back to Kunming -- and the only train was leaving  at 7 PM, many hours after Margie and Luke showed up in first place at the train depot. With nothing to do but watch their lead fade away, the teams decided to stage an impromptu three-on-three basketball match, with Jet, Flight Time, and Kisha facing off against Cord, Jen, and Big Easy. (Team Cheerocracy cheered them all on from the sidelines. We didn't see a final score, but I'm betting the Washington Generals lost.) Read More...



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