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i love shules! i've been a fan since the first season. i really hope that the annoying abigail dusnt interfere too much in the juliet-shawn relationship. other than that small set-back at the end, i thought this was an AMAZING episode. i loved how the writers invented a plot that wud show a little more of shawn's serious side but still kept the show funny. i was laughing so hard wen gus was interrupting the investigating to pull silly little stunts for shawn. this overall was one of the best episodes this season.



Default avatar cat
Feb 22, 2009 5:08PM EST

yea i really enjoyed this episode too. it was nice to have a bad guy that wasnt somehow introduced early on in the episode. it was a new direction for the show and it really worked. and gus was hilarious!

Large good to be queen
Feb 25, 2009 2:48AM EST

Very funny episode, first in a while. I especially liked how Shawn didn't ditch Abigail for Juliet, though, even though he is obviously into Juliet, and was very affected by the kiss on the cheek.
Did anyone see the pineapple? I missed it.

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