FAMILY GUY “Trading Places” Review

FAMILY GUY "Trading Places" Season 9 Episode 13 – Between the Ice Age long destruction of a park bench, corn fields and the dirt bike national anthem, this started out as a one of those really unfunnyepisodes of Family Guy. Then things turned around when Lois and Peter decide to punish Meg and Chris for wrecking Peter’s new dirt bike by creating an experiment: Meg and Chris will become the parents, Lois and Peter go to school and act as teenagers.

Peter and Lois soon realize that school is far harder than work, between cow spit balls and bitchy teen girls. However, when they want to return back to the way things were, Meg and especially Chris are adamant to remains as the adults in the house. After cooking a scrumptious meal and desert, Lois questions Meg as to how she managed to do that and the cleaning. "I did it in like an hour. I don’t understand why you’re such a freakin’ martyr all the time. It’s a house! It’s a finite area. I’m not cleaning a town!" My inner feminist cringed as Meg became the stereotypical housewife, more out of fear than disgust. Read More...


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