CSI: MIAMI “Special Delivery” Review

CSI: Miami "Special Delivery", Season 9 Episode 17 – This week’s episode of CSI: Miami, "Special Delivery", marks the third straight episode NOT starting with a party scene! Instead we get a montage of a playboy delivery guy delivering a lot more than packages to a bunch of attractive Miami housewives. It’s still an opening scene involving attractive people being all sexy-like with each other set to music, but still technically not a party scene! Woo hoo! Let’s keep this streak going, guys! Yes we can!

Eagle-eyed readers will undoubtedly notice how often I reference my favorite show, Breaking Bad, in my reviews. I was excited several weeks ago when Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris showed up on CSI, so I was pumped when Raymond Cruz (Tuco Salamanca from Breaking Bad) appeared as the first suspect. I freaking love this guy. He’s as type-cast as they come, but I thought he was amazing as Tuco on Breaking Bad, and also pretty great in "Training Day". The scene from the Breaking Badseason one finale where he beats his crew member to death with his bare hands gives me chills just thinking about it. What I’m saying in summary is that you people need to go out and watch that show! Read More...



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