BOB’S BURGERS “Art Crawl” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Art Crawl" Episode 8 – In tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, they somehow managed to pull off an entire episode about animal anus art and make it hilarious. I suppose part of why it all worked was because the punch line wasn’t only in the visual gags, it was in watching the Belcher family and the town around Bob’s Burgers react to such ridiculous artwork.

Megan Mullally was great as Aunt Gail and I really enjoyed hearing her talk to Linda. They both took on the same intonations in their voices and ended up sounding like they could actually be sisters. Even though Megan Mullally’s voice is naturally quite a bit higher than John Robert’s voice, tonight made me appreciate his voice acting for Linda’s character all the more.

The kids were in prime form tonight as well. I loved the moment that Bob, Tina, Gene and Louise walkinto the restaurant after Aunt Gail had put up all her art work. Of course, Bob goes into shock while the kids are immediately overjoyed and begin their colorful art commentary. I also enjoyed seeing Mort and Teddy in the restaurant discussing the anus art with Bob. Read More...


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