SKINS (UK) “Everyone” Review

SKINS "Everyone" Series 5 Episode 8 - I’m gonna start off by making it clear I was born in the 80?s not the 90?s. When I was 16 we didn’t have Facebook (imagine that!) My mobile phone was the size of a house brick with a torch and ‘Snakes’…that was it. The reason I’m telling you this is during this week’s SKINS it hit me. This program might not be meant for me. This may be why I don’t like Skins. So I’m gonna put it out there and be honest. Here it goes….

The finale of this series of Skins still suffered from the same weak acting and dodgy storyline but on the plus side it was a vast improvement on last week. The setup is that the gang are running off so that Rich and Grace can get married. Alo is best man so has the job of organising the day. Rather predictably it all goes…well wrong.

The opening was fresh, it was a good set-up for the episode. Frankie does a bit of breaking and entering leaving a note on Matty’s bed. Rich has his hair chopped off. They all get (dodgy) suited and booted and head off on the road trip. Read More...


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