Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 3 - Review

With the third of four installments of Ghost Sweeper Mikami, the series is moving along in a pretty predictable fashion, not that that's a bad thing. With the core cast firmly established and knowing how they operate, you can just enjoy the show for what it is. The characters personalities are certainly simple but that keeps it so that the humor comes naturally and without any real issues. Similar to the previous set, it's largely filled with single standalone stories but there are a few things in here that go a bit longer. The opening episode is in fact the final episode from a story arc that started on the last set involving Reiko doing her best to improve her skills in training only to have the local deity there try and pull one over on her. And you just know that's not going to go well.

 The stories we get here aren't all that different from what we've seen before. One story involves a flying broom that lost its human companion ages ago and is now trying to find her again in its own way, which is causing problems for the museum where it was curated at before. Having Reiko introduce her own broom to her leads to some fun little chase scenes but also some rather amusing broom romance. Another episode deals with people being turned into mannequins which Reiko isn't all that upset with when she finds out that Emi has been turned into on, though she can at least hear her through spiritual telepathy. The case isn't exactly all that involved but it's fun to watch the little tricks come out in this one and as people fall to becoming mannequins themselves and have to deal with it. Read More...


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