Freezing Episode #09 - Review

Kazuya's life at the academy continues to be a bit awkward as he meets Cathy Lockharte, a very strong young woman there who is a Pandora warrior but also the recipient of his sisters Sacreds after the battle that cost her her life. It turns out she's the one who had invited Kazuya to the academy and is glad that he's there, but she drops an interesting little bomb on him and the others when she tells them that she intends to retire rather than become a fourth year. She wants to move on from this life, which considering how the girls treat each other here you can't blame her, by becoming a novelist and turning over her Sacreds to someone worthy on the campus. By having Kazuya there, it makes sense that she'd possibly think of him as the one for it since it would be in a sense returning his sisters essence to her. Read More...


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