Bleach Episode #313 - Review

Bleach continues to let the supporting cast stand out for the filler run which is definitely a very welcome thing considering how badly the show could go if it let it focus on Ichigo with his reduced power levels while having a hard time dealing with certain threats. Additionally, it's spending its time up in the Soul Society itself which is a definite plus since it lets us see the various Soul Reapers that we've known for years in their own element rather than bumming around on the World of the Living where they simply feel too out of place at times. Still, going back to dealing with issues surrounding seemingly basic and standard Hollows feels a bit odd after the scale of recent events, but it does let Ichigo play in things a bit without making him the central focus.For this episode, it has some of the daily routine events going on as Ichigo and Renji get in a little training while investigating a Hollow attack with Ikkaku. They end up dealing with another emember of Squad 11 named Seizo who lost the bulk of his spirit energy previously and comes across as basically a servant within the squad who does the little chores and the like. You'd be hard pressed to think of him as a squad member with his posture and attitude at this point, but we do get a flashback to his younger days where we see some of his potential and ability as he spars against Ikkaku, though he regularly lost to him. It's easy to see how he could have become a solid member if not for the incident that cost him his spirit energy. Read More...


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