Naruto: Shippuden Episode #203 - Review

Naruto has the kind of life where things continually come up that changes his views of the world but does so by slamming him hard emotionally as he goes through it. Case in point is the series of revelations made by Madara about Sasuke that pushes his version of the truth on them, one that they're hard pressed to refute because of the path that Sasuke has taken in life for so long now. Like a lot of these stories, there's an intense amount of history to it that goes back generations as Madara tells the tale of how the Uchiha clan had a tragedy within it that causes brother to go against brother over the choice of succession and how it shifted down the years as well, right up to now with Sasuke being involved in it, which is why he seeks revenge against the Village of the Hidden Leaf. Read More...


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