ugly betty- season 2

The u.s sitcom, ugly betty is comedy where (ugly)Betty, the main character of the show is working at mode magazines. part of the meade empire that her boss's sister runs. Her boss Daniel Meade is another eye of the show and the show likes to focus on him, as being(the good one in his family) just always in the wrong places. in season two briefly summing up, Betty's dad returns from Mexico after waiting for his visa...Willemina(Wanda) who is due to marry Bradford meade is discovered cheating on her fiance, by betty. Later on in the episodes Bradford meade is about to marry his fiance when...........he has a great heart attack.Daniel also discovers Betty's betrayal of him to Willemina and he fires betty after her 2 years working at mode.Daniel forgives her later when finding out that she was forced into a difficult situation when having to make the choice. Bradford meade dies leaving his company to his children and his divorced wife Claire returns to prison...


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