Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #49 - Review

The combined firepower of Lag, Zazie and Noir is powerful stuff, but still bot powerful enough to even scratch the surface of the Cabernet, and after their attack it simply turns around and heads towards the sun as if they weren't there. Between it and the sun, though, lies Yuusari Central, and realising the danger that's on its way the city is being hastily evacuated. The only stragglers are Lawrence - and certain members of staff at the Yuusari Bee Hive...One episode to go, and Tegami Bachi is still feeling as though it's in no hurry at all. While this episode starts off the the Cabernet rampaging through the streets of Yuusari Central, you still don't get anything in the way of a sense of urgency from the way the characters react to events. There's also a distinct lack of information about how certain events resolved themselves - if you go back two episodes to when "those unable to become spirit" were found by Aria in Thunderland's lab, how they came to be there and what Thunderland's involvement was was left hanging, to be answered later - and then never touched upon again. This episode reveals that planting them in the Bee Hive was part of Lawrence's plan, but there's no detail given here. Likewise, there's an about-face by two characters with very little in the way of a believable explanation. Disappointing? You betcha. Read More...



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