One Piece Episode #490 - Review

No matter how the events of the battle of Marineford would go, it's going to be spun in some way to promote a victory for both sides, though the Navy men have a more vested interest in really promoting this angle because of their need to maintain order. With Whitebeard having been killed and both sides basically pulling away at the end of the battle to just stop after Shanks got involved, the Navy are sending out the messages that they won decidedly and are starting to put the piece back together. But as interesting as that angle is, as we see the world rejoice and Navy men everywhere grinning like fools, the real challenge lays for the pirates. With Whitebeard dead, his area of the sea can be easily taken with a fair bit of potential bloodshed. And Blackbeard himself has cemented things with a lot of power based on what he did. But, as usual, Luffy is the unusual piece on the table. Read More....


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