Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #24 - Review

After a new opening song and credit sequence, we aboard the Kurogane. It seems that some crew members have hidden talents. Elzam wants to be...a patissier? Who knew. Apparently Ibis has a sweet tooth, and Lamia is worried whenever Kusuha puts a drink before her. With good reason, as the last time she accepted a drink from Kusuha, her special energy cocktail, even Lamia's robotic systems experienced a temporary failure. Kusuha assures her it's just regular juice. Latooni gives Ryusei her own special cooking, which makes Mai suddenly jealous, while Seolla gives Arado an extra large portion, which opens the door to teasing about her body fat (what body fat?) and bear panties (of course, what would a comedic interlude be without bear panties?).  Read More...


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