Dragon Crisis! Episode #11 - Review

There's something to be said for the cuteness in the relationship between Rose and Ryuji since they're both young and decidedly unsure of themselves. With the coming of age ritual having been dealt with, and it being something meaningful if short and sweet, there's a bit of a different kind of tension between the two now since they're not sure how to act around each other. Like any good kids though, they go to their friends for advice and help with it. Of course, explaining it to the friends is a little difficult for Rose since she ends up making it seem like even more than it is, at least to her classmates, who think they've gone all the way. For Ryuji, it's actually more amusing because his friend finds out that even though he's basically the leading guy in a harem anime, he has the same kind of confusion and uncertainty that almost all boys their age share. Read More...



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