'Big Love' series finale: Parting thoughts on the ending the Henrickson women deserved


There was a lot to love in the final episode of HBO's "Big Love" -- a show that many fans and most critics feel went off the rails a while ago. We could rehash the worthwhile minutia -- Bill (Bill Paxton) becoming a modern day folk hero to polygamists, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) abandoning her baptism, Lois' (Grace Zabriskie) heartbreaking assisted suicide, Sarah's (Amanda Seyfried) return -- but it's ultimately inconsequential in light of the ending.Bill's death, however grim, was an appropriate end-game for "Big Love." It's the only way his family could survive. His passing offers them sanctuary from the malicious outside forces -- backwoods mafiosos, manipulating politicians, homicidal brothers-in-law -- he constantly lured towards them, and allows the sister wives, all of whom he was holding back in one way or another, to reach their full potential.Barb spent the bulk of the series' final season receiving only rejection from her husband when she...



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