'Chuck': Four little Intersects


A locked-door murder mystery on "Chuck"? One with a couple of Dungeons & Dragons references and, in the B-story, an abundance of poop jokes? Why yes, thanks."Chuck vs. the Muuurder" gave our hero a classic, Agatha Christie-style murder to solve, and while that played out more or less how all such stories play out, the show left lots of room in between plot points for a strong episode about Chuck being the leader of Project Intersect and all the very Chuck-like ways he handles that.The murder mystery is occasioned by Beckman's turning over the Intersect project to Chuck after Bentley's epic fail with the two Gretas last week. Tasked to find potential new Intersect candidates, he comes up with four people -- including Brody, who's pretty much a carbon copy of Chuck himself, right down to the black Chuck Taylors. (Nice little in-joke with the character name, by the way, since Chuck can trace at...



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