'Skins' Season 1, Episode 10 (Season Finale) Recap

This is it. The end of the first season of 'Skins,' one of the most controversial prime-time shows in recent history.

It has been an inconsistent opening season, to put it mildly, but despite the odds against it, this season finale was surprisingly good -- even though there's still plenty to dislike about it. This episode's protagonist, Eura, has not been nearly as compelling as her Bristol counterpart, Effy, but finally the MTV series seems to be going its own way, as opposed to aping the British original.

Eura, like Effy, is Tony's unusually mute sister. But whereas Effy was a silent ice-princess completely in control of when and to whom she spoke, Eura is more of a fragile, damaged little sister who desperately wants to help her (completely undeserving) older brother Tony. She cleverly realizes that extreme measures are necessary and fakes her own abduction. Her strange disappearance is responsible for the predictable reunion of Tony's clique. Read More...



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