How I Met Your Mother Review: "Legendaddy"

After a long break, How I Met your Mother returned and served up some clarity as Barney met his real father this week on "Legendaddy". 

I have to admit, John Lithgow would not have been my first choice to play Barney's father. In fact I don't think he would have made my top ten. I kept seeing the Trinity Killer and half expected Dexter Morgan to appear. That said, Barney and he had good chemistry and delivered some rather comic scenes during the fake flash back and then some more emotional ones during the family dinner. 

Did Barney's friends over step their bounds with the intervention? I mean who were they to say Barney needed to give his father another chance? After Marshall dropped the line about how he would never speak to his dad again though, it was sort of hard to argue with him.  Read More...


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