Being Human Review: The Ultimate Cage Fight

"Dog Eat Dog" was a literal interpretation of this episode, as Josh was kidnapped to cage fight another werewolf. Well, will wonders never cease? A lot went down. Let's explore.

I loved the 50s scenes with Aidan and his pompador hairdo. He fit the era perfectly! In the well executed flashbacks, Bishop was in love with a human. He wanted to turn her, but she thought it was unnatural. He was very much in love, but a visit from the elders during that time persuaded him how unacceptable he was being.

I found it fascinating how the Aidan and Bishop roles were reversed. Aidan was all about the family and being a part of it, while Bishop was attempting to be human. Admittedly, I did not see that coming. It helped a lot with my understanding about why Aidan puts up with so much from Bishop, and Bishop from Aidan. Bishop understands exactly what Aidan is going through. He has all along. It's like some vampire 200 year old itch, when they have had enough of the vampire lifestyle, and want to try to be human again. Read More...


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