'The Chicago Code' 1.07 'Black Hand and the Shotgun Man' Review

Who doesn't love busting a major drug dealer? Certainly not Jarek Wysocki, who gets to lead a task force to do just that this week. Because he's Jarek, this takes all of six minutes. (I certainly don't want to see him coming at me with a gun.) This only leads to bigger questions: can they keep him, can they fend off the FBI, and most importantly, can they rescue his kidnapped son? Basically, this episode of The Chicago Code starts where most other crime dramas would end.

I'd call this episode the most familiar of the season, but I mean that as a compliment, because it proves that even when it could coast, the series will never play things safe. There's a great scene where Jarek registers his moral outrage at the drug dealer likely ending up in a federal witness protection program instead of being punished for his crimes. This isn't the first show to make that argument, but Jason Clarke sells it so well that what should be a forgettable, familiar beat pops with a frustrated energy. Then there's the stuff that we probably don't even think about. Teresa (Jennifer Beals) has to convince the FBI why they need to build a case against the drug dealer in Chicago instead of letting him head off into the federal sunset. Who thinks about jurisdiction issues and repercussions when we talk about catching bad guys? Most of us don't, because we're not in a position to. But this show presents everything that goes on surrounding the situations it sets up. We see every consequence, and not just the ones that make for good drama. And who doesn't love a guest appearance from Adam Arkin (Life, Chicago Hope)? Read More...



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