MIKE AND MOLLY “Peggy Shaves Her Legs” Review

MIKE AND MOLLY Season 1 Episode 19 - After a few weeks of repeats, MIKE AND MOLLY was back this week with "Peggy Shaves Her Legs". Now, I love Mike’s mom and this episode featured her in almost every scene, so I was VERY pleased about this.

Peggy is great. She’s funny without trying to be funny, and she’s a character that is very real. Her treatment of Molly, while horrible, is hilarious. This week it was obvious something was up with Peggy from the beginning of the episode.

Mike and Molly are at his mother’s house for dinner, and Peggy is in rare form. Instead of her comments about Molly, she’s actually being nice! She accepts Molly’s compliments of her meal, give her a dessert from Molly’s favorite bakery, and even offers to brew Molly a cup on her favorite tea. Granted, each of these is done with an underhand comment, but hey, Peggy tried. Read More...



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