THE EVENT “A Message Back” Review

THE EVENT "A Message Back" Season 1 Episode 14 - Thomas recieves a reply to the message hebroadcast and it’s not good news. His home planet’s sun is about to go supernova, necessitating the transport to earth of millions of people instead of thousands. Meanwhile, Martinez’s people track down Sophia and, by extension, two hundred other aliens, including Thomas. Sean and Vicky con their way into a fundraiser and try to get answers out of the vice-president about Dempsey, but all he knows is that Dempsey has gone to France.

The less that happens, the more I enjoy The Event. I was entertained by this week’s episode and it seemed to pass by surprisingly quickly. That said, nothing actually happened and my enjoyment of the show this week was more because it passed an hour while I knitted than because it busted out awesome plotlines. Read More...


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