BEING HUMAN “Dog Eat Dog” Review

BEING HUMAN "Dog Eat Dog" Review Episode 10 – Immortality is an easy thing to take for granted. The thing about forever is the choices you make, and there is no sweet death to erase your memory. So we begin our journey of BEING HUMAN this week. Aidan is still dealing with the fallout of Bernie’s death, and an even bigger headache when the "Dutch", the Elders, decide to drop in for a visit. That wouldn’t be much of a problem, but they are the old-fashioned type and disapprove of Aidan’s current lifestyle.

Oh, yeah, it’s bad, and getting worse.

Our favorite werewolf has been kidnapped by the vampires for bloodsport. It’s the night of the full moon and the vampires have "dogfights" to the death. Aidan seems to be back in league with Bishop and the vampires, and Josh is at a loss when he faces his friend at a pre-fight physical of sorts. While waiting for the fight to begin Josh meets Douglas, the man who will become the wolf he is to fight, and the two form, maybe not a friendship, but an understanding. In time, I think it would have been a friendship, alas, that was not to be. Read More...


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