'How I Met Your Mother' Review: How Barney Met His Father

It's been too many weeks since I wrote a How I Met Your Mother review. I blame The Bachelor mostly, but it's also been a few episodes since something MAY-jah, anything worth analyzing beyond "that was funny, that was not so funny" happened on the show. It's a sitcom, yes, and as a sitcom its first responsibility is to make us laugh, and episodes like "Desperation Day" and "Garbage Island" did just that. But in a way, everything in season 6 (and even further back) seems to have been leading up to "Legendaddy," when Barney would meet his mythical, mysterious father and achieve the sort of breakthrough we appreciate witnessing in all our beloved characters, but appreciate even more in characters like Barney, whose usual one-dimensionality is both his blessing and his curse. Maybe, upon meeting his dad, he'd turn into a real boy. Read More...



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