Chuck 4.19 "Chuck vs the Muuurder" Recap

This week's episode begins in Ellie and Devon's apartment.   Ellie is in "the zone" working on her father's computer, not even noticing Clara sleeping next to her.  She is amazed at her father's work in neuroscience, and his attempts at getting the brain to reorganize itself.  Unbeknownst to Ellie, Director Bentley is watching her through the computer in Sector 6.  Bentley's surveillance is interrupted by a text message from Chuck, who calls her into Castle proper.

General Beckman informs Team Bartowski, including Morgan and Bentley, that their new agenda is to find Intersect candidates that are close to Chuck in personality and temperament.  In essence, Chuck needs to find more Chucks. Everyone else is there to support Chuck, who is in charge of the project.  Though he might feel it's warranted, Chuck shouldn't get a big head because, as Morgan reminds him, the last time Chuck was in charge he led his Dungeons & Dragons troupe to their fiery death.  Chuck tells the team that he gave parameters to the CIA of acceptable agents and the Agency sent four new Chucks.  The first is Lewis, a bomb expert that spent so much time in Britain that he's adopted a British accent.  He selected a female agent, which Casey posits is because Chuck wanted someone as "feely" as he is.  Next is Damian, an agent embedded with terrorists throughout the Middle East.  Chuck selected him because Chuck felt trapped at the Buy More.  Finally entering the store is Brody, an eerie doppelgänger of Chuck. Read More...


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